Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Home Memory Craft 7000 sewing machine

For a while, sewing machines were pretty much the only types of appliances I could count on finding when I would go trashpicking. Then about two months ago, the supply dried up. I don't know if the sew/vac place was packing them in the boxes they throw out, or they just didn't throw any of them out, but either way I sort of started to miss taking them apart. As much as I gripe about the lack of good parts in them, or the fact that often they wouldn't come apart to begin with, but there are some odd little parts that only come from sewing machines. That and I just like complaining. I'm sure I'd get sick of printers and VCRs eventually if they were the majority of what I found.

This is one of those sewing machines with the computer controlled stitching, so there were a few buttons to salvage. Not very evident from the angle of this photo is the fact that several of the panels were removed when I found it. I've noticed that the sew/vac place has been cannibalizing what they throw out more than in the past. Some of the skeletonized upright vacs I've seen lately are kind of sad looking. I'm actually glad they've been doing this since what they take and what parts I'm interested in usually don't overlap, and since it's better that those parts go to repair another machine than go into a box where they may or may not ever become part of some dinky little sculpture.

Here's the control panel and its circuitry. I'm not sure why I took this shot since I don't think it depicts any of the parts I saved. Also, I didn't take any pictures of the inner mechanisms because, yeah, it was one of those sewing machines where nothing would come out.

All in all, not the worst parts haul from a sewing machine.


terlian said...

At last I have found at least a picture of my Memory Craft 7000. Bought this used at a local vac and sew place but have never been able to locate a date of manufacture. Now I believe it is 1989. Do you know if this is correct? I bought the machine in 2004, and like it very has sewn over 90 quilts for children in hospitals.

Sounds like you have an interesting and varied hobby (?)

terlian said...

Well at last I found at least a picture of the sewing machine I bought used a few years ago. It has been a very very good machine, but I never could find a date of manufacture. I believe, now, 1989 is when it first appeared. Do you know if this is true? I bought it at a local sew and vac place. The machine had belonged to the wife of the owner of the shop.